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** India...his final destination **
(Amdo Machu, 1992)

In a town of Amdo region, I met Sonam,
a 20-year-old monk from a nomad family.
He came back home in Amdo after two-year pilgrimage to India on horse and on foot,
and then, just got arrested by police because he had no passport.
But he insisted on visiting India again.
His elder brother said NO to Sonam.

After one year and more, I received a letter from Sonam.
It was from India.
His trip seemed so long and so hard.
But I felt happy. Anyway I found he was alright in India.

I met Sonam first in a bookshop. Excuse me that his face is mosaicked in this picture for the apparent reason. He looked too young to me to believe he really crossed over Himalaya on foot.

Sonam send me a picture of his home, meaning the grassland. His family owns all these livestocks. His home is "One day on horse" from the town. He invited me, "Come to my house and enjoy staying", but I had no time to go there. I shall accept the invitaiton someday.

Sonam stayed in Kirti monastery in Amdo. The large monastery with a beautiful chorten has been well reconstructed in appearance. But Sonam decided to study in India, where the head monk of his monastery lived in exile.

I Love Tibet!>>travel tales>>India...his final destination