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Comics (original contents)

yakkin and nyima[Four-frame manga] "YAKKIN"
-- stories of a yak Yakkin and a boy Nyima

yakkin and nyima[Manga] Biography of
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Travel Tales since 1992 [original]

Short trip to Amdo Ngaba (2009 winter, Amdo Ngaba)
Derge, the home of Tibetan Sutras(2003-2004, Kham Derge)
Meeting yaks at Namtso Lake(2004 summer.Namtso Lake)
Larung Gar was far away(2003 autumn, Golok Serta)
Kuchi, kuchi(2002 summer, Lhasa)
Bad taste Lhasa Tour(2002 summer, Lhasa)
Short pilgrimage to Kailash(2001 autumn, Ngari Gang Rinpoche)
Watch out for a friendly monk!(2001 summer, Kham Kartse)
Enjoy caving at Drak Yangdzong!(2001 summer, Drakyul)
Witches of Tsogyal Latso Lake(2001 summer, Drakyul)
Flourishing Tsemoling and Shide Tratsang in ruin(2000 summer, Lhasa)
Nuns' hot spring(1999-2000 summer, Terdom Nunner)
Visiting the original Tsechokling Monastery(2000 summer, Lhasa)
--[older stories before 1996 are here]

Links to Japanese web

Liaison office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan and East-Asia(Tibet House)
Tibet Culture Centre International, Tokyo
Lung-ta Project
Students for a Free TIBET Japan
Tibetan Community in Japan
Potala Collage
Cockatiel's Woods by Prof. ISHIHAMA Yumiko
Dayan Ulus
Kawachen, language class and shop, Tokyo
Tashi Delek, Tibetan restaurant and cafe, Tokyo
--[more links]

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