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** 1994 Lhasa **
(Lhasa, 1994)

Tibetan people are famous for their deep faith in religion.
Talking of me, no piece of Boddhicitta seems to have been cultivated in me
in spite of so friendly contact with Tibetan culture for many years.
But I love to visit the religious scene and feel their faith.

Young monks were practicing to blow Dungchen, Tibetan horns, on the Bama-ri Hill close to Kundeling monastery. Try to blow it if you are confident in your lung. Don't forget Lhasa has only 60% of oxygen of the lower land!

Young monks in their own room of a monastery in Lhasa. According to one of them, the thangka paintings hung on the wall are "1000 years old". It is better to discount this figure, but I'm sure to believe his story, "we buried them under the ground to protect them from the Red Guards". In 1996 I visited the same room, but they had already moved to somewhere.

Many merchants from Kham and Amdo live in apartment houses in Lhasa. I found this brilliant alter in an apartment room where several Khampa merchants from Kartse area lived. They were selling antiques to make money and sometimes seemed to be just like a gang group. The head of the 'family' proudly said, "I'll make much money and rebuilt the temple in my village. It is my dream". He served me many cups Ja-thang, black-tea with salt which is popular in Kham area, although I bought nothing.

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