"Sounds of Tibet" Collection
Almost all the sounds were recorded by myself in Tibet.
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. . . . Barkhor Bazaar . . . .
Strolling around the Barkhor, the biggest bazaar in Tibet

monk's Chant
A monk chanting on the backstreet near Barkhor to get some offering.

another Monk's Chant
Many monks are chanting here in various styles.

a song heard in Barkhor
Excellent song, but it was sung by the cassette-player of a tape-shop!

sound of gyaling
A shopkeeper of a Dharma goods shop was demostrating gyaling, a popular ritual instrument of Tibetan Buddhism.

fluent sales-talk
She is trying to sell a kau, portable altar, to me. She wants 50 yuan. I say I'm OK with 30 yuan. I paid 40 yuan after 20 minutes' negotiation.

chanting and shouting
Monks' chanting, pilgrims' shouting, and vendor's "10 yuan, 10 yuan, 10yuan!". Chaotic, but ordinary everyday-event of the Barkhor bazaar.

. . . . Monastery . . . .
sounds of (hopefully) living Dharma

a short chant of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
He chanted this short phrase before a speech for Tibetan.

nuns' chant
In a small nunnery of Lhasa. They seemed to start chanting suddenly, just after I endered the hall. :)

Sera monastery
In the big hall of Sera Me.

This sound is the time-signal for my Macintosh. :)

. . . . People & etc . . . .
Don't worry, be happy. :)

Chang thung!(Drink chang!)
A girl from Chamdo is singing for me while pouring Tibetan beer.
It was in a picnic in Lhasa.

Om mani mani padme huuuuuuum
A little girl is singing Da-dron's hit-song "Nga-yi Dondrub Tsering"
in kidding way. In Lhasa.

"Chang-zhe" -- song for beer
A drunken Khampa trader is shyly singing a "chang-zhe", celebrating the happiness of drinking more chang, Tibetan beer.

Lhasa girls
A Lhasa girl sings, "Lhasa girls are beautiful!".

a kid performer singing with damnyen
Damnyen is Tibetan guitar. He is playing just in front of the Potala Palace. A tourist car passed by us, blowing a horn.
More are coming up soon, maybe. of "I Love Tibet!"...