Enjoy Exciting Caving at Drak Yangdzong!
2001 summer

Before Tsogyal Latso, we visited Drak Yangdzong, one of the most sacred caves of Guru Rinpoche's hermitage. The caves are up in the mountains. We approached there from Tsasel Nunnery at the foot of the mountains. The nunnery has over ten nuns. At the midst of the women's orchard, a young male tulku, reincarnated Lama, lives. There are interesting rumors around him, but I will forget them for my better karma. :)

Drak Yangdzong caves are
up in the beautiful mountains behind the nunnery.

Guided by a young nun, we walked up to the caves in the mountains with many meditation hermitage.
At the entrance of the caves is a small temple.
We had cups of butter tea there.
We enjoyed very peaceful air at that time.

But we were taken to the real entrance of the caves, which is over the roof of the temple.
We found high wooden ladders, almost 30-meter high.

"Shall we climb up?"
The nun said so gently.

I do NOT like high places.
But I had no choice.

Even in the dark caves, there are several high ladders and slippery ropes to help us going up and down. It was a deep and dark labyrinth complex.

The nun went ahead so quickly that I had no time to feel a fear happily.

The ladders are actually safe,
I did believe.

A ranjung of Dorje Pagmo inside the Pema Trinley cave.

She explained so many ranjung, self-originated sacred objects, completely.
But what I could do was only to keep myself safe in the exciting caving. I do not remember the explanation at all.
But I enjoyed the impressive secret meditation cave of Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal which appears at the last stage of the pilgrimage.

I believe that several pilgrims lost their lives inside the dangerous caves in the past. But the nun vigorously denied it because of the blessing of Guru Rinpoche.

The exciting caving pilgrimage was a kind of ceremony of rebirth, I felt.
I could enjoy a feeling of pilgrim-high.

Self-originated OM letter on a rock

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