Visiting the original Tsechokling Monastery
(2000 summer, Lhasa)

Ten years ago, I stayed at Tsechokling Monastey in Dharamsala, India, to study Tibetan language.
It is the exile version. Originally Tsechokling was in Drib village near Lhasa at the south bank of Kichu River, but destroyed after the Chinese invasion.
After 1980s it has been under renovation.
I visited the original Tsechokling from Lhasa.

potala beyond PLA
View of Potala Palace from the south bank of Kichu river.
The buildings are army compounds, from where Chinese army
bombarded Norbulingka Palace on March 1959.

Small Songtsengling Chapel is on a hill beside Drib Village.

tsechokling front
Renovated Tsechokling buildings and white Stupa.

ruin of Tsechokling
Most chapels are still in ruin.

Newly painted "Four Guardian Kings" of Tsechokling
guarding the monastery, hopefully next time

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