Flourishing Tsemoling and Shide Tratsang in ruins
(2000 summer)

I visited two small temples near Barkor area

Tsemoling (or Tsomoling, Tsomonling), was the residence temple of successive Nomun Khans, two of whom served as regents of Dalai Lamas. Today's Tsemoling is crowded with old local people. They are chatting and chanting mantras with beautifully decorated portable mani-wheels in their hands.

Shide Tratsang is located close to Tsemoling.
Once the residence temple of the regent Reting Rinpoche.

Now in ruins.

The Potala Palace behind destroyed walls.
Local boys guided me. It is their playground.

"A hand of Jigje (Yamantaka)" statue, the boys said.
Revolutionary Chinese slogans, "class struggle..." still remains on the walls
with traces of Buddhist paintings.

Two old women are always sitting at the entrance.
They know old and new stories on this ruin.

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